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Moisture tester
Acidity plan
Conductivity meter
Turbidity meter
Color measurement instrument
Thickness gauge
KF moisture meter
Low temperature in the refrigerator
Material tester
Environmental tester
Refraction instrument
Drying oven
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       kai ming jie instrumentAnalysis of the professional agents at home and abroad, detection apparatus, to provide from basic to specialized laboratory equipment and services across all sectors. Ranging from pharmaceutical, chemical, food, paint, chemical, machinery, electronics, automobiles to environmental protection, commodity inspection, quality inspection, health and epidemic prevention, as well as universities, research institutes and other laboratories at all levels from all walks of life. Agencies for the provision of the applicable equipment and maximize the role of researchers in various scientific and technological research and product testing in the process of right-hand man.
       We have graduated from various institutions of higher learning or a group engaged in laboratory work, and have a good team experience. Equipment with professional theory and rich experience with the scientific design of the product positioning, so that customers from product sales, installation, and after-sales services, fast and professional full-service, to ensure ......Enter
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